Sport Consumer Research Consultants

What is SCRC:

SCRC (Sport Consumer Research Consultants LLC) provides an array of products and services that are unique to the sport industry. We focus on providing the client with the best possible consumer research and on educating sport professionals about consumer behavior. Sport is big business in the United States.  Sport spectators contribute greatly to these figures; over $50 billion was generated in spectator sports revenue in 2015. Every sector of sport spectatorship is growing; more people are buying tickets, spectators are paying more for tickets, and fans are purchasing more licensed merchandise.  In 2015, an estimated $15 billion was spent on admissions to spectator sports and $13 billion was spent on concession, parking, and on-site merchandise sales. 


However, competition for the sport consumer dollar has increased dramatically in the last decade. Knowledge of why people consume sport is critical for the success of sport entities. We provide that knowledge either through our consulting services or through our publications.

How well do you know your market segments?

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